Friday the 23rd of April 2004 / kl 19:30 / GRATIS entre
Homage To Catalonia (us) + Lasse Vestergaard (lok) + DJ
Singer/song-writer med intense, følelsesladede og politisk motiverede sange om uretfærdighed og håbet om en anderledes verden. Homage To Catalonia har touret USA med Tiger Lou i vinteren og er nu på besøg i Europa. Musikalsk befinder vi os et sted imellem Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith og David Rovichs. Egentlig skulle Rachel Jacobs have spillet også, men hun har desværre måtte aflyse. Men til gengæld bliver aftenen krydret med lokale Lasse Vestergaard som også kan noget med en guitar og lidt sang....... Musikalsk er vi tæt på Tiger Lou, som forhåbentlig dukker op senere på året.

En aften med musik med mening.

Der vil både før og efter koncerten være lidt plade-venderi. Vi kan afsløre så meget, at det sikkert bliver noget med både Stan Getz, Manu Chao og meget andet godt.

Tjeck nedenstående hjemmesider for lidt mp3 og uforbeholdne meninger...

"....Up until the autumn of 2002, Kadd Stephens didn’t even own a guitar. By that time, he’d released one album, a steady string of comp tracks and split 7”s, and dragged himself up and down both coasts of the US several times (sometimes accompanied by a backup band of friends from such DC favorites as Del Cielo and 1905) – spitting out politically charged rants and makeshift songs on borrowed guitars, the generosity of friends, and very little sleep. It was mostly an accident.

What started out as three songs for a split EP that never happened quickly became a diary of letters written (perhaps) for their own sake – reflections largely grounded in the explosion of the North American antiglobalization movement (in the spring/summer of 2000), which became the debut album, “The estimated temperature of Heaven” (Status Recordings). Taking on everything from America’s prison industrial complex, to his own sexist upbringing, and blending threats on the life of Washington, DC’s police chief with references to stealth sexual encounters behind the barricades of anticapitalist struggle, it was a passionate (if often desperate and clumsy) first effort, and was treated to a mixed reception. Responses ranged from enthusiastic praise, to calls for listeners to seek out and burn the album wherever they found it.

A handful of songs for benefit compilations followed (in support of efforts like the DC Books to Prisons Project, the BryccHouse Autonomous Youth Center, and the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center), ironically leaving Kadd sharing disc space with everyone from Chumbawamba to Thursday to even Noam Chomsky - using songs often recorded live in bedrooms by way of tape recorders. This same chapter produced two split 7”s, with Chile’s Redencion 9.11 and singer/songwriter Andrea Lisi (of Del Cielo), which were later compiled with an unreleased track on the CDep, “We’re okay, we’re okay” (Sniffing Recording Industries/Amor y Lucha).

Having finally scraped together enough money to buy a guitar last year, Kadd plunged headlong into 2 full US tours (with such notables as The Burning Paris, Rachel Jacobs, and Sweden’s Tiger Lou), a 5 week South American tour (with Hablan por la Espalda, Baltimore in Love, and Illuminati), and 6 weeks of shows across Europe. The result: a seasoned insomnia/caffeine dependency and a steadily growing reputation for dramatic live shows characterized by broken strings and political provocation.

With the most recent releases, “Squandered by a jury of piss poor pokerfaces” (Mi Amante) and the forthcoming album “A monument to the fraud and folly of good intentions” (Exotic Fever), the guns have seemingly turned inward, going for the throat of both America’s culture of entitlement and the neuroses of those who fancy themselves its most formidable challengers. A rather deliberate and dramatic break with past songwriting, these bursts are likely the closest approximation yet of Homage to Catalonia’s live presence, and hint at an attempt to tell a revised story -- one perhaps best summed up as: a boy, his guitar, and his middle finger, wound up in a Thoreau-esque narrative of making every moment a counter-friction against despair and stupidity. Everyone and everything are fair game, including the author, himself..."