Saturday the 5th of June 2004 / kl 19:30 / GRATIS entre
Vialka (can/sch) + SDL (china)
Et kært gensyn med Vialka, der spiller Turbofolkpunk eller en lille smule punkrockcabaret, mixet med lidt freejazz. En bismag á la Atom & his package, tilsat lidt eksperimenterende lyd. Et tomands-angreb fra slovenien med en franskcanadier på guitar og en pige fra schwitz med en håndgranat tatoveret på underarmen på trommer - hvis vokal godt kunne lede ens tanker hen på en udflippet Pj Harvey!!. Feinsmaekkere vil vide at guitaristen også er kendt under navnet Hermit i noise-verdenen. ak, ja, kært barn mange navne... Har tidlige har spillet på 1000fryd til punk´o´rama og en af vores utallige after-dinner shows om tirsdagen... Har denne gang pakket kufferten med melodisk punk rock fra Kina ved navn SDL.. Ja, du læste rigtig, Kina... Så en på opleveren på en sommeraften.

og med deres egne ord... " punk-dada attack from everywhere and nowhere. one of the most travelled unknown bands around. the "real" bass and drums eclecticore.... Vialka is an inflatable submarine who survived the commercial war. It travels unrestlessly around the world to explore the rich diversity of its cultures before it is too late. Vialka is a noisy comedy not ashamed of its own way by scorn or ridicule. It is an invitation to dance to steady explosive rhythms, terror melodies and experimental movements. It is a symphony for humble flesh through the high spirits of rock'n'roll."

Og hvad undergrundspressen skrev...

"Marylise Frechville and Eric Boros, the two basic founders and members of Vialka have a specific attitude to art. Deriving from the underground-experimental-punk scene they break down the frames of simple artistic approach to music or performing. The style they develop is ever changing, full of levels in communication from „simple” rock segments, through brave and daring solos of common improvisation to jazz-splitted idioms, they develop specific moments of poetic atmosphere of the place they perform at, a certain ambient through which they tell their improvised ideas, opinions in an immediate music communication. They live, as they make music, they make music, as they travel, and they travel, as they live. Living nomads, like ambassadors of new sound and traditional humanistic thinking, they travel around the globe in order to make friends, to spread ideas of open musical frames and show, that personality is beyond art. The most important segment of their artistic role is the personal touch they develop by their art, in order to develop trust, friendship, a community of common open thoughts. The best way to present their ideas is the rich program of theirs, which operates as a multicoloured aristic circus, in which fun, poetry, social critisim, irony are together, it is both the king and the clown are telling their stories of the actual social situation, especially the place and the responsibility of art, to keep it working as a language of honest feelings that build up true impressions, real thoughts and new experiences. „Tonight I Show You Fuck” is a remarkable music CD of the Vialka Marching Band group, which does avoid talking nuts, but tells straight away through a kick of a hard bass-guitar and a sensible drum, with the backing floating sounds of a saxophone and a clarinet, that life can be joy, fun, humour and fresh wit, all through simple, nice, honest music. Just as if you drew a circle onto the surface of water" "First of all, Vialka are by far the funniest live band I’ve seen in a while. I know I’m cheating a bit by talking about them in my french music column because only one out of the two members is french, the other one is canadian. To make things more complicated, they both live in Slovenia. Whatever. I’ll always think it’s a shame no one came to see them play in Newcastle, yet, the fact that the room was nearly empty somehow added to the incongruosity of their set. It’s all about a girl, a guy, a drumkit, a bass, impressive musical skills, and a lot of humour. Vialka wear wacky costumes and put on a burlesque " mise en scene " to criticise consumption society and to laugh about Polish punk gigs. They do it between two blasts of destructured jazz-punk, complete with cartoonesque moves from bass-player (chainsaw player ?) Eric Boros. The interaction between him and drummer Marylise Frecheville is hilarious, and the french accent does a lot for that I suppose, but it’s not for me to talk. They’re not afraid to play with the ridicule and absurdity to make you laugh and hopefully make you think about what makes you laugh (I’m getting lost). Musically speaking, i’m having a lot of trouble trying to find comparisons, but early The Ex, Ruins, Roof, as well as a whole lot of diverse and totally unrelated things involving jazz, hard rock and " chanson française " do spring to mind. Bof. Anyway what more can you wish for than watching great musicians who ALSO make you laugh ? Nothing, except maybe the fiver necessary to get their CD at the end of the gig. I didn’t have it. Damn. Nevermind, Igot the bugger in the end, and here’s what I have to say: "tonight i show you fuck " is nothing else than the transcription onto digital document of Vialka’s greatness. With the participation of Jacopo Andreini , who wasn’t with them on stage, on trumpet and clarinet. If you’ve seen them play, you know you need this cd. If you didn’t, well I’m telling you. This little gem of off-kilter musical expression, wrapped in very nice naive packaging, is out on Manufracture, Eric Boros’ own label on which he puts out stuff such as the mighty Bastard Noise, his own noise works as Hermit, his and Marylise former act NNY or the jazz-metal-punk hybrid of Mexican Power Authority (now defunct unfortunately). Basically expect a lot of noise here. Ahhh. Noise. Yes."

tjek deres hjemmeside for mp3 og for at se en mand i blomstret skjorte save en pige over....