Friday the 12th of January 2007 / kl 20:00 / GRATIS entre
Hell on Wheels (s)
The Kissaway Trail (dk)

To gange alternativ rock. Svenske Hell on Wheels vælter både hjemland og anmeldere omkuld, og danske The Kissaway Trail ligger numero uno på og Det Elektriske Barometer. Vi har at gøre med to bands, som forstår at skrive en fandens fornuftig popsang og trykke den af på en scene. Der er en velfortjent hype om begge aftenens bands, så det gælder nok om at møde op tidligt.

Der er røgfrit på 1000Fryd denne aften.

Se hvad anmelderne skriver:
Om Hell on Wheels:

”Clearly among the ten best concerts I have ever seen” - LYDHØR (DK)

AMG Editors pick – “Imagine the Pixies playing only their most melodic and poppiest songs … delivered with a burning fever and perfect sense of dynamics” - ALL MUSIC.COM (US)

“Add my voice to the chorus singing the praises of this record … nuanced, intricate, and brilliantly crafted … It's unsettling and subversively catchy, intellectually intriguing and gut level appealing. Highly recommended” - IT’S A TRAP (US)

”As Pixies the Swedes master the balance between the monumental dark minded rock and the melodic sugarish pop better than any … a real charming album” - GAFFA (DK)

"The magnificent Hell on Wheels is back! They sound better then ever!” - DO COPENHAGEN (DK)

“One of my fave albums of the year is The Odd Church” - MOG (DK)

”Straight from the beginning there is no doubt that this is rock music like it is not heard every day … Hell On Wheels dares to use kitschy vocal arrangements, claps and country elements. And that mixture is one of the best mixtures I have heard on a rock record in 2006” - UNDERTONER (DK)

“Delivered the goods in plentiful and had the unusual habit of painting extremely spell-binding pictures in the ears of the listener” – ROSKILDE FESTIVAL DAILY (DK)

“Hell On Wheels proves Sweden's status as a strong rock nation” – JOHN PEEL (UK)

“Hell on Wheels – fascinating craziness … he plays guitar like few others and really understands how to rip out the grand sound of the six strings and then he has a voice that is both shrill high-pitched crazy and deeply fascinating” - SOUNDVENUE (DK)