Thursday the 10th of May 2007 / kl 19:30 / GRATIS entre
The Paper Chase (us)
Shout Wellington Air Force (dk)

Hvad siger I så? The Paperchase på Fryd! Deres seneste plade "Now You Are One of Us" er et mesterværk udgivet på Kill Rockstars (Steater-Kinnney, Bikini Kill, Stereo Total, Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu), og det er da et kvalitetsstempel der vil noget. De har sgu da også lige turneret USA med Explosions in the Sky! Op på hesten og ned på 1000Fryd til en omgang skæv matematikagtig paranoia-rock.

Århusianske Shout Wellington Air Force laver iørefaldende indie-pop-sange, som kunne gøre sig ganske godt på Morningside Records. Next big thing...uden tvivl.

Og ingen rygning i cafeen i dag.

Og pressen siger:
"Producer/ guitarist/ singer John Congleton knows what he is doing. Listen to this record and try to tell me he is not a genius. Listen to this record and try not to want to play the whole thing. Listen to this record and try not to think that you could use some anti-depressants yourself and maybe a chainsaw attached to your hand in case one of “them” comes for you. This is biggest sounding and most interesting album I have heard in a long time. (It should be noted though- you probably could have found me two years ago saying the same thing about God Bless Your Black Heart.)"


“…The Paper Chase's signature sounds (strangled guitars, bombastic percussion, terror-stricken strings, bizarre samples and crashing pianos) are firmly in place on their latest endeavor, Now You Are One of Us. (…) Over the album's seamless course, the band not only offer battle anthems for those who won't go down without a fight, but also the sadistic theme songs of their bloodthirsty attackers. Another histrionic epic is rendered, but we wouldn't expect anything less from Congleton and his crew…”

Southern Records


“…Now You Are One Of Us offers more of what made the Paper Chase’s last album such a perverse thrill – sliding, seasick guitars; an Albini-fied rhythm section; spectacularly detailed arrangements and production; and a similarly spectacular level of ambition. To these ears, this Texas-based group continues to be one of the most exciting acts in rock: its sound is simultaneously easily identifiable and flush with possibility...”

Dusted Magazine, Charlie Willmoth