Tuesday the 21st of August 2007 / kl 18:30 / GRATIS entre
The Locust (us)
Otto von Schirach (us)

Yes!.. Det bliv ganske uforglemmeligt...

Med mere end ti år på bagen har The Locust fra San Diego til et ny-legendarisk band i grænselandet mellen noiserock og hardcore, men som har re-defineret genren ganske betydeligt! De er kende for deres medrivende og intense optrædende som gerne inkluderer tilnærmelsesvis nøgenhed, galskab og et bredere udvalg af kostumer. Musikken er intens, kompleks og distorded. Velbekomme!

Aux Raus skulle have spillet også, men er istedet blevet afløst af intet mindre end Otto von Schirach!

Og læs de vise ord, der er skrevet om The Locust..

..."The Locust is a noise rock group from San Diego, California, United States.

The Locust are known for their unique synth-heavy, distorted sound, and their stage presence. Singer Justin Pearson has said, "I just want to change the way people look at music or maybe just destroy it in general." The Locust's music is complex and fast-paced, featuring abrupt and inconsistent time-signature changes. These erratic elements are, according to guitarist Bobby Bray, "a reflection of perhaps how our brains have to function in order to be able to do anything in the Western societies we live in."

Members include Justin Pearson, singer and bass guitarist; Gabe Serbian on drums, who replaced Dave Astor; Joey Karam on vocals and the synthesizer; and Bobby Bray on vocals and guitar. Some members formerly played in somewhat well-known political punk bands called Swing Kids and Struggle as well as the punk rock band Le Shok, and current side projects Holy Molar, Some Girls and Cattle Decapitation (the latter broke its connection with The Locust and Three One G, Justin Pearson's personal record label, and acquired an avant-garde reputation of its own).

The Locust have a unique stage presence, costumed in skin-tight, full body nylon suits with bug-like mesh eye and mouth coverings. Unlike most bands, which normally have the drums set up behind the other members, the four members of The Locust are all positioned in a line at the front of the stage.

Instead of talking to the crowd, The Locust tune their instruments after almost every song. While this happens they are frequently heckled by crowd members unfamiliar with the band. The group recommends that in order to get the full impact of the band, one should see them live.

The Locust boycotts Clear Channel Communications, refusing to play in any Clear Channel-owned venues. This boycott affected a 2005 tour with Fantômas.

In their lyrics The Locust satirize mainstream US culture, sexuality, and politics...:"