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Fashion Week (USA)
Heads (DE/AUS)
Ahrm (SWE)

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Fashion Week is an American rock band that was formed by singer/guitarist Joshua Lozano and Bassist Oscar Rodriguez in Brooklyn, New York City. "Oh… I get it, you guys mix some SubPop in your AmRep"- Andrew Schneider "Is that distortion on your voice, or is that just the PA breaking?"- M. Creegan

Heads Formed in Berlin in 2014 of two native Germans and one wandering Australian, HEADS. collectively are like-minded individuals, drawing inspiration from the same filthy pools. With a straight-up, no-frills approach, and influences as diverse as Nick Cave, Total Control, The Jesus Lizard, and My Disco, this trio are much more than the sum of their parts.

Ahrm Based in Malmö, Sweden the three piece AHRM shape their music from influences in 80's and 90's hardcore, post punk and post hardcore with a clear reference to the Washington DC sound that they all grew up with.