Torsdag den 26 oktober 2017 / kl 20 00 / entre 50 kroner
Gehennah (SWE)
Violentor (ITA)
Baphomet's Blood (ITA)

Forsalgsbillet: Tryk her!
Facebook event: Tryk her!





GEHENNAH is a smahing blackened thrash metal band from the steets of Stockholm, and expect a full force liver attack from them!

”Started out with the intention of being a Venom cover band but decided to write their own songs instead”, they have done so since 1992! S oon after, the band made their mark on the scene with their three now-classic albums: Hardrocker (1995), King of the Sidewalk (1996), and Decibel Rebel (1997). IN 2016 they release their latest album ”Too Loud to Live, too drunk to Die” bringing total crude, booze fueled street metal! Influenced by bands like Venom, Bathory, and Motörhead, the quartet earned a loyal following for their thrashy, black ‘n roll during the 90s; since then, they have released various 7? singles, with fans begging for more.

Expect a totall liver devastating live performance, headbanging, ear piercing riffs, and alcohol!




Straight out of Tuscany, Violentor is one of the most influential and ass-kicking bands in the Italian metal scene! This is a band that will say things are they are, and will deliver their music with no filters and no boundaries.

Their energy will guarantee to blow your brains out! Started back in 2004 in Lucca, their main inspiration is pure and raw thrash metal, as well as influenced by NWOBHM and punk! It is pure old school metalwith no time for fancy riff and complex melodies. In 2011 their first album ”Violentor” came out, making them well known and appreciated throughout Europe, and was soon followed by ”Rot” in 2012, with a more raw, fast and death inspired sound. In 2015 their latest album release, ”Maniacs” makes news ground pushing their style and sound even further. They have palyed in venues in the most remote and widespread areas of the continent leaving their mark and ideas, and will soon smash soil in Nordjylland, Norway and Sweden!




Speed metal desecratros since 2003! With a sound that rocks its roots in the most dirty rock'n'roll band in the world, Baphomet's Blood is one of the few Italian groups that have been able to assert their name around Europe for years.

Started out as with primarily thrash influence, their music has evolved with inspiration from speed metal and NWOBHM! Having played numerous shows and tours in Gemany, Italy and wherever their name brought them, this band is guaranteed to bring you a true, honest and powerful live performance, for those who love pure old school metal!