Torsdag den 13 juli 2017 / kl 21 00 / entre 50 kroner
War of Destruction (Aarhus)

Forsalgsbillet: Tryk her!
Facebook event: Tryk her!

Summer punk rock at 1000Fryd. Ticket 60kr


Formed at ground zero of Boston's tough-as-nails straight edge hardcore scene, DYS rose out of SS Decontrol's Boston Crew, and grew into one of the city’s top draws. Their debut album "Brotherhood" was released by X-Claim records. Adding a second guitar player, DYS progressed into early Metal cross-over with their self-titled second album, released on Modern Method. DYS has been featured in the film adaptation and book "American Hardcore,” the documentary " xxx All Ages xxx” the books "Radio Silence," "Fucked up and Photocopied," "Straight Edge Youth" and "All Ages" among others.

After a long hiatus, DYS reformed in 2010 to play the Gallery East 'xxx All Ages xxx' festival and movie shoot, headlining in front of more than 1,000 young and old fans. That show led to a music and merchandise deal with Bridge 9 Records, spawning a live album, “More than Fashion: Live from the Gallery East Reunion” as well as a series of new Digital Singles. Since reforming, and locking down an all-star line-up, the band has played top punk/hardcore festivals in the US and Europe as well as most of the biggest media markets in America and Western Europe.

DYS is:

Dave Smalley, vocal. Down By Law, ex-All, ex-Dag Nasty

Jonathan Anastas, bass. Ex-Slapshot

Franz Stahl, guitars. Scream, ex-Foo Fighters

Al Pahanish, drums. Ex-Powerman 5000

Adam Porris, guitars. Ex-Far From Finished


War of Destruction was formed in the summer of 1981 in Århus, Denmark and is regarded one of the first hardcore bands in Denmark. In the years to follow War of Destruction formed a unique sound and became the absolute leading hardcore band in Denmark at that time. In the eighties they did around 150 gigs, playing with bands like: GBH, Destructors, Birthday Party, Frites Modern, Rattus, Raw Power, Nomeansno and danish bands like the Razor Blades, City X, Electric Deads etc. In the summer of `88 they went on a holiday for 14 years and didn't play again before 2003, but have continued to do so up until now.