Torsdag den 14 september 2017 / kl 20 00 / entre 40 kroner
Destination Lonely (FR)
Rodeo Death Club (lokal)

Forsalgsbillet: Tryk her!
Facebook event: Tryk her!


The concept of music designed specifically as a fist in the face feature in the environment was pioneered by young teenagers from around the world in 1966. In the fifties they called them Punks and in the 60's Mods these Days they call themself the LONERS, what we have here is a Bunch of ULTRA LONERS and GHOULS from the X GENERATION born in Toulouse/Bordeaux in the south of france, they have like zero perspective in a bright future neather enjoyed a happy childhood, they got heart broken like weekly at least once and along with that comes a tremendous fascination in drinking alcohol, the first of the 3 is Marco Fatal who plays the guitar and sings and formed the Legendary NOISE singing-group THE FATALS (as well in: Kung Fu Escelators, Mighty Gogo Players, Complications) in 2001 together with Wlad on the Drums (as well in: the Beach Bitches, Blew up).well the 3rd in the band is Lo Spider of the Jerry Spider Gang (as well in : the Space Beatnicks,Dividers) and Destroys his Guitar and has his own Recording Studio, Swampland where he records Destination Lonely and Countless French and International Acts DESTINATION LONELY formed in 2010 and having several releases on diferent Record Labels such as Nasty Products and Les Disques Steak and shared Stage with the Bassholes, Country Teasers, Oblivians , Cheater Slicks etc

Aalborg band, der spiller god gammeldags hjemmelavet rock. Den slags rock med dine forældre ikke kan lide, den slags rock med bid i, og melodi i, og glimt i øjet i.

24/9Grand Meeting of the Association 1000Fryd
26/9Folkekøkken/Soup kitchen
28/9Bola Suriana (MEX)
29/9Opening of Art Room 1000fryd
29/9We Stood Like Kings (BE)
Dans og lær (KBH)
Non Nomen (lokal)
Au2pilot (lokal)

30/9Benefit show #2
Rehearsal room show
Columbian Neckties (lokal)
Dust Bugs (lokal)
Barely Adults (lokal)
Amdis flugtplan (lokal)
P601 (lokal)

1/10Flea Market at 1000fryd!
3/10Tirsdags-tonser med tosset veganerfræs #1
Hibagon (ITA)
Batolit (lokal)

3/10Folkekøkken/Soup kitchen
4/10Documentary Evening:
Trying it at home (a documentary on DIY)

5/10Aalborg Surreal #4
Day 1

6/10Aalborg Surreal #4
Day 2

6/10Lotus Krokus release party
Lotus Krokos (lokal)

7/10Rolled Up Sleeves (Aarhus)
Smiling Chairs (Aarhus)
Myxil (lokal)

8/10Sunday Movie Matinee:
La Strada

10/10Folkekøkken/Soup kitchen
11/10Documentary Evening:
Mad Tiger

13/10Has A Shadow (MEX)
Rýk (lokal)

14/10CLUB: Groovebox 29 w/ Triptil
15/10Sunday Movie Matinee:
The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

17/10Folkekøkken/Soup kitchen
18/10Documentary Evening:
The Uprising of Dignity

20/10Virgin Suicide (KBH)
Lunar (lokal)

22/10Sunday Movie Matinee:
The Battle of Love's Return

24/10Folkekøkken/Soup kitchen
26/10Turbocharged (SWE)
Violentor (ITA)
Baphomet's Blood (ITA)

27/10Pale Honey (SWE)
+ Special guest: Pink Milk (SWE)

28/10Daily Thompson (GER)
Monkey Okay (lokal)

5/11Blood Incantation (USA)
Spectral Voice (USA)
Anatomia (JAP)

11/11CLUB: Groovebox 30 w/ Kuusk & L Varas (live)
18/11The Telescopes (UK) 'As Light Return
Heathe (lokal)

24/11Groovebox pres. 808 Records
25/11Groovebox pres. 808 Records
8/12New Candys (ITA)
+ support

13/12Enisum (ITA)
Nibiru (ITA)
Sunken (Aarhus)

16/12CLUB: Groovebox 31 w/ Dacho (live)
24/12SAVE 1000FRYD