Fredag den 8 september 2017 / kl 20 30 / entre 50 kroner
kollapse (lokal)
Fuckerblast (lokal)
DJ Knivdrab

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LLNN Heavy, dark post-apocalyptic post-metal/hardcore kollapse Emotive hardcore loudness Fuckerblast Violently noise post-hardcore +TBA


LLNN invites you to travel into the unknown realms of outer space with a specific sound of post-apocalyptic, claustrophobic hardcore metal combined with eerie sci-fi elements and massive drones. LLNN have recently released "Marks/Traces" via PELAGIC RECORDS (The Ocean, Cult Of Luna, MONO).

"Music that lends itself to a cinematic, post-apolocalyptic landscape" / TERRORIZER UK


kollapse is an eclectic mix of melodic doom riffs, epic crust, dark emo, and simplistic song structures and narratives. The band itself does not care about genres, but they aim to create a pure, authentic, and emotional expression filled with lyrics about the darkness in man. The lyrics are worn with their hearts on their sleeves putting everything up for display.

kollapse recorded their debut LP together with producer Jacob Bredahl in the spring of 2016. The album with the title “Angst” was released on the 5th of May 2017 achieving critical acclaim. With a producer in line, that understood the band and their direction, the sound on the album manifested the darker, heavier, and more focused sound, that vary between drawling slow and angrily fast. The lyrics on the new album continues the focus the band had prior with darkness of man, and deals with anxiety, loss, freedom, suicide, death, and upbringing as underlying themes.

The release of the record saw the band touring Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway. This is the last batch of shows of their "Angst" tour.


The newly spunned band from our region masters a darker and more violent form of post-hardcore than we normally see on these shores. With only three members the band gives more space for experimentations and massive passages, that gives the listener en fist in the face and a noisy feeling in your ears. Expect doom, noise and distortion mayhem to your face.

DJ Knivdrab will be playing nice tunes to keep you warm for the remaining part of the night and to take shelter from the rain