Friday den 15 December 2017 / kl 20 00 / entre 50 kroner
Eigengrau (Aarhus)
Aedra (lokal/ex-lokal)
Sodium (DE)

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Eigengrau is an instrumental quintet which explores the unspoken in-between that occurs in the jointbetween the musician and the listener with nonverbal music as the onlycommunication.First and foremost, Eigengrau composes music as an end in itself and finds itself somewhere in the post-rock panoramic expanses.

With movements from spherical ambiance over the strict rigor of polyrhythmic brutality to melodic aesthetic passages, from minimalism with space in the room to elaborately composed tidal waves of beauty, Eigengrau's expression can also be attributed a symphonic touch. Possible genre definitions are many and Eigengrau sees it as its errand to invite the listeners to add their own descriptions depending on their individual experiences.

The instrumental expression does not lead listeners on a defined path through words, on what should be thought and felt but leaves a space for the listeners’ own reflection and thus the possibility of a unique personal conception of the music. A conception with the potential for as diverse experiences as there are individuals to perceive it.

Eigengrau embraces members from the Danish music scene with acts like The Broken Beats, One Eyed Mule, IIIrd Alternative, Misophonia, and Puppet Arms and thus witnesses a broad musical diversity and solid ballast.In the seven to twenty minutes which the tracks last, repetition is a rarity and the dynamics and musical facets are carefully thought through. It is here that Eigengrau invites everyone to interpret and experience the music in the ethereal now that reality is.


First show in four years.

A power trio, drums, bass and guitar who in a post-Isis world of ebb and flow, have a sincerity and delicacy to their craftmanship that elude most bands whose goals are similar. These guys emote with powerful electrified cascades of heaviness and sublety, a place where the organic meet the high tech but always coalesce in streams of thick flowing sonics, that swirl around your inner ear like a tornado of flowers and rusty nails.

Sometimes the rivers of rock give in to proggy leanings, which gives these guys the polarity they need to keep on evolving down the path of singularity they have taken.

Perfect for gazing at stars on cold nights in small towns across Scandinavia, but keep an eye out for the massive thunder clouds that loom on the horizon.


Sodium is a four-piece post-hardcore band from Lübeck, Northern Germany.

After three EP´s Sodium released their full-length debut album THE ODYSSEY, with a rough and straightforward sound including melodies from the heart and figurative lyrics, critical of the fucked-up automatisms of society.

The sound developed somewhat angry and upset with influences from doom, crust, and HC.