Friday the 4th of May 2018 / kl 20:30 / entre 50 DKK
Hexis (DK/ITA)
Départe (AU-TAS)
Mill (local)
Justinhate (CPH)

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Hexis is a band from Denmark/Italy, playing a mix of Hardcore and doomy black metal. The band has existed since 2010, but has already played almost 600 shows across The US, Canada, Cuba, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and all over Europe.


Hobart, Tasmania-based Black Metal act Départe was formed in 2011 as a 4 piece u nder the name Ørannis. The intention was to create dark, brooding atmospheric black metal with a focus on an intense, hypnotic live performance, but as the band developed, with the addition of a second guitarist, so did their sound. The band began to stray from more traditional black metal ethos, shedding the face paint and incorporating elements from various other genres, such as post metal, drone, doom and death metal, the combination of which has resulted in something unique, emotive and truly powerful. In their relatively short career thus far, Départe have shared the stage with some incredible international artists, including Gorguts, Ulcerate, Wormed, Gigan, Solace of Requiem, Internal Suffering, Absu, Rolo Tomassi, Palm, and Carnal, as well as Australian heavyweights such as Portal, Ne Obliviscaris, Ruins, The Amenta and Hadal Maw, an impressive feat for a band who only released their first official demo in November 2014. In mid 2015 the band signed a recording contract with reputable extreme metal label Season of Mist and their debut album, Failure, Subside was released on October 14th, 2016 to critical acclaim.


Mill are the best thing to come out of Aalborg since Aalborg akvavit. Just catch them!


JUSTINHATE fra Kbh spiller mørk metallisk hardcore. I 2012 udkom debut ep’en ’Wandering Deathbird’, fulgt op af ’Though Hope Is Frail’ i 2014, mens de sidste år udgav ’MARROW’ gennem deres eget label Deathbird Recordings.

Årets danske album 2017:

“JustinHate kan noget særligt med stemning og smadder. På deres første udspil var de især gode til det første, på det andet det andet. Med denne treer har de på smuk vis æltet det hele sammen, så det både bliver storladent og hidsigt”

- Devilution

"(...)JustinHate is staging a serious claim to be considered among the best live bands in the country right now.

- Rockfreaks

(...) Ufattelig meget nerve i deres optræden, og ved udelukket at bruge baglys, fik de skabt en intens og mystificeret stemning. Flere gange i løbet af koncerten fik forsanger Kim Rock hoppet ned blandt publikum for at komme endnu tættere på os. Fedt show!"

- Blastbeast