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Crocell (Aarhus)
Ferocity (local)

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Raw, Scandinavian power remains the essence of the blackened death metal outfit, Crocell, but on the fourth album, ”Prophet’s Breath”, this formula is taken to the extreme.

”Prophet’s Breath” was crafted with a new line-up and it shows a darker and more intense aspect of the band. For instance this can be heard on the aggressive title track, the monumental ”Kingdom of Corruption” or the almost hypnotic ”Contagious Purity”, which features guest vocals by S from Horned Almighty.

A sinister cover painting by the tattoo artist Odin Roar Uldall and a massive, yet old-school sound - courtesy of Jacob Olsen and JBO Sound - wraps up an album that is sure to appeal to any fan of old school blackened death metal.

Raw, Scandinavian power has been essential since Crocell’s inception in 2007 and it formed the basis for the three critically acclaimed albums, ”The God We Drowned” (2008), ”The Wretched Eidola” (2011), and ”Come Forth Plague” (2013). It was also vital for Crocell’s winning the award as “metal talent of the year” at Danish Metal Awards in 2008 and for taking the band to the upper echelon of the Danish metal scene since then. Furthermore it has gained the band a reputation as an impressive live act, both in Denmark and across Europe.

Reviewing a concert, a journalist once described Crocell as ”stronger than any other band in this country within the genre”, a testimony to the fact that playing live was always the lifeblood of the band. After two European tours, multiple festival appearances and shows in more than ten countries, Crocell is an experienced live unit - and plenty of shows will follow the release of "Prophet's Breath".


In 2013 Ferocity signed a record deal with Deepsend Records on which they released "The Sovereign", the band's first album on an international label. The album received countless outstanding reviews upon its release. The musical style is brutal and uncompromising, yet with a melodic touch that has been Ferocity's trademark for years. With inspiration from both N.Y. death metal, swedish and polish death metal bands, Ferocity are creating a style of their own. The band is currently working on new material for the followup album in the wake of their critically acclaimed 2013 release.