Tirsdag den 24 juli 2018 / kl 20 00 / entre 50 kroner
Ruiner (USA)
Government Flu (POL)
Jad (POL)

Forsalgsbillet: Tryk her!
Facebook event: Tryk her!


Making their way over to Europe for the first time since their reunion last year. Exclusive Scandinavia show.

Ruiner play an emotional kind of hardcore with a twist of punk rock and indie. The masterpiece "Hell Is Empty" is a definite example of that, making the record a genre classic. Released on Bridge9 Records!

The band broke up in 2010, but now they are back!


A more than welcome return to our humble stage for these cool guys from Poland. Classic punk rock in your face.


A brand new punk band from Poland paying their first visit to Denmark. Punk as it should be.