Thursday the 22nd of November 2018 / kl 20:08 / entre 30 DKK
Buzz Kull (AUS)
Aske Kristoffersen Experience (local)

Facebook event: Tryk her!


BUZZ KULL from Sydney, Australia, will be visiting 1000Fryd on his tour "New Kind of Cross"

BUZZ KULL's style is darkwave at its best, with crisp syntesizers and drum machines. Allow yourself the experience of darkwave rhytms on a Thursday, and deal with existential dread on a Friday, as you realize this show was some of the best darkwave you will experience in a long time, and you wonder if the same euphoria will ever occur again.


To support the Buzz Kull Experience, we have teamed up with the only man in Aalborg who can grow a 70s "Uncle's disco-phase"- beard, wear a sweater and still come off as cool. We are talking of none other than Aske Kristoffersen himself.