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Throne (ITA)
Tannoiser (ITA)

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Throne was born in the 2012 under the influence of alcohol from the most disadvantaged bars.

In the same year, the Italian combo hits the first full length "Avoid the Light" produced by Moonlight Records.

The quintet combines sharp riffs, powerful and dark themes into a sludge-core look like Louisiana swamp, with doom and stoner pills to make it darked and depraveted.

After five years of live show with bands such as Weedeater, Forgotten Tomb, The Secret, Hierophant, Black Cobra, Bison BC, Saturnalia Temple and Caronte, in 2017 the Throne returns to the studio to recording new album produced by Black Bow Records (digital) and Endless Winter (CD digipack).

Consecrates will release on December, 9.


Tannoiser form in 2015 in Salò (Brescia, Italy) from a previous alternative rock band Desdemona. The name comes from the wagnerian opera Tannhauser. Their musical style is influenced by many genres: in a first time Stoner/Alternative/Grunge and then, more recently, Doom/Black/Death metal. One year after formation they record Mekkano, the band's first work, a 4 tracks demo with a predominant Doom sound. In 2017 they sign for Leynir Booking and Production giving birth to Alamut: a 6-track EP with a gloomy/fucking-angry sound. Bands that had influenced their style are: Mayhem/Electric Wizard/Black Sabbath/Nirvana/The Smashing Pumpkins/The Ruins Of Beverast/Korn/Shining...