Saturday the 29th of January 2022 / kl 16:00 / entre 525 DKK
Northern Winter Beat 2022 Day 3
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We're happy to announce Northern Winter Beat 2022!

Northern Winter Beat Festival is an Indoor venue based festival, taking place in the city center of Aalborg the last weekend of January since 2013. Using existing venues rooms that are not usually used for concerts we aim to create the best possible experiences. The Northern Winter Beat Festival will bring you a schizophrenic variety of music, from the darkest corners of human expression to intelligent pop, and everything in between. Since the first Northern Winter Beat Festival in 2013 the booking and planning of the festival has been a collaboration between 1000Fryd, Huset and Studenterhuset.

The line-up for this edition of the festival is listed below:
- Ghostpoet [UK]
- Sean Nicholas Savage [CA]
- Girls In Airports [DK]
- Ploho [RU]
- Maria W Horn [SE]
- Flying Horseman [BE]
- Joe And The Shitboys [FR]

Many more names will be announced later on!