Thursday the 21st of October 2021 / kl 20:00 / entre 60 DKK
Weird Omen (FRA)
Æblerov (local)

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This atypical line up trio, spits his unique primitive garage, a deluge of trash brass, of reverb and fuzzzzzz. A cryptic-hypnotic garage trance, blend of dented 60’s tones and hollow psychedelic néo-garage.
3 LPs and 4 singles in, WEIRD OMEN still evade direct comparisons to … anyone. Descriptions abound: “Primitive garage, a deluge of trash brass, reverb, and fuzzzzz”, “a crypto-hypnotic garage trance, blending ‘60s tones and psychedelic neo-garage”, and “France’s strangest garage-psych-rock trio - comprised of guitar, sax, and drums. Lost somewhere between The Cramps and The Kinks”. For sound-alikes, you might look to Morphine and James Chance and the Contortions, but all this tells you is that while Weird Omen has influences like everybody else does, their sound is their own.


Eksplosivt Pop Punkslaskende Indierock. Fede typer fra Bought Landings, Amdis flugtplan og en masse andre fede tider. Kom nu bare. Du ved det bliver fedt. Og det er en torsdag, så du skal ikke til din onkels drengs konfirmation. Hip ohøj!!