Saturday the 30th of October 2021 / kl 20:00 / entre 70 DKK
Transient Beauty
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Kōyō (紅葉) is the Japanese tradition of admiring autumn leaves in all their radiant colors. The equivalent of spring’s celebration of sakura (桜) when the cherry trees blossom intensely for a very short time. Transient Beauty marks this tradition once again on October 30th – with ambient music, visuals and sake as our local traidtion prescribes.

Having previously celebrated sakura at Platform 4 and Teater Nordkraft, we now welcome you to colorful 1000Fryd for the second time. We look forward to presenting live performances by Jens Paldam, Eg Puyain Sanati as well as Li Motorsaw.

Transient Beauty is proudly presented by Bait, Cherry Music, 1000Fryd and Aalborg Kommune.