Saturday the 2nd of July 2022 / kl 20:00 / entre 60 DKK
Son of Seth (København)

The show is cancelled due to the band not getting their visa in time. Money got refunded.

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***This show is at Brolandingerne - Strandvejen 10. ***

***Only 30 tickets. First come, first serve! No guest list. No bullshit. No assholes ***



Martin Khanja (aka Lord Spike Heart) and Sam Karugu emerge from Nairobi’s flourishing underground metal scene as former members of the bands Lust of a Dying Breed and Seeds of Datura. Together in 2019 they formed Duma (Darkness in kikuyu) with Sam abandoning bass for production and guitars and Lord Spike Heart providing extreme vocals to the project.

Their unique sound fuses the frenetic euphoria, unrelenting physicality and rebellious attitude of hardcore punk and trash metal with bone-crunching breakcore and raw, nihilist industrial noise through a claustrophobic vortex of visceral screams.

Duma are a sinister force facing pain and difficult emotions head on is the place from which Khanja writes. A sonic aggression of feral intensity with disregard for styles, the duo promises to impact the hungry East African metal scene moving it into totally new, boundary-challenging experimental territories. Their self-titled debut album was released August 7th 2020 on Nyege Nyege Tapes and has received the best accolades from the press, including best album in several end-of-the-year lists (Metal Hammer, Pitchfork, The Wire, The Quietus…).

Duma has a new 7″ dropping soon on Subpop’s singles club and a new AV collaboration with Jesse Kanda. A remix for Mdou Moctar and a collaborative album in the works with Indonesian duo ‘Gabber Modus Operandi’ and with Brazil metal band Deafbricks.


At the edges of the earth a black firestorm rages.
A sea of hopelessness crashing against the barren shores.
Carving up the land overflowing with lakes of flaming iron.
Across the horizon billowing plague-clouds spread.
Gaping eyes melt silently in apocalyptic bliss.
Human ashes settle like dust on crumbling ruins.
Boiling oceans evaporate and mountains kneel.
Spores shoot feebly from the cracks of the earth.
Confused clouds of lost souls bred in idiotic putridity.
Soon the maelstrom reaches its apex.
Soon the planet sits at its molten core.
The crushing winds subside, leaving only echoes.
Disembodied screams howling across the mangled surface.
Howling as the iron cools, scattering the foul particles of spiritual remains further into the cosmos.
This is Son of Seth.