Tuesday the 3rd of October 2023 / kl 20:00 / entre 80 DKK
Teenage Bottlerocket (US)
Amdis flugtplan (local/Hobro)

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The Skate pop-punk rockers from Wyoming will start their Scandinavian tour at 1000fryd.
So whether you're a Headbanger, you want to be called Steve. Love skateboards and bloodbaths at Burger king. Or you just see yourself as bigger than a kiss. Then come bye 1000fryd to jump, dance, sing along and headbang.

Teenage Bottlerocket are a punk rock band who play in the tight, fast, funny, and frantic SoCal manner, even though they hail from Laramie, Wyoming rather than the Golden State. Ray Carlisle's rapid-fire vocals fire off snotty observations about various pop culture phenomena, Carlisle and Kody Templeman generate a steady buzz of downstroked guitars, and the rhythm section of Miguel Chen and Darren Chewka keep the songs hopping at a pulse suitable for pogo'ing or circling the pit. 2005's Total set the template for their musical attack, 2009's They Came from the Shadows featured several of their best-known songs, 2015's Tales from Wyoming was raucous affirmation of their trademark style, and 2021's Sick Sesh! confirmed, to paraphrase one of its songs, they were never going out of style, at least among fans of their brand of punk.


Amdis Flugtplan Blander Power pop, noise pop og pop punk i en smeltedigel af fængende melodier, fuzzede guitarer og betydelige mænger af rumklang. Med et tekst univers der spænder fra koreanske guitarer til at save ben så hvide som kokain, Lars Elstrup og europæiske storbyer; skaber bandet originale power pop sange med nordkyst underspillet charme.