Friday the 20th of October 2023 / kl 20:00 / entre 60 DKK
Sansera (local)
Archon (Aarhus)
Conover (København)

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Fierce yet melodic. The promising young blackened metalcore quintet from Denmark. With a fierce, dark and yet melodic sound, they strive to ignite a new everlasting fire in the world of heavy music. The young 5-piece are eager to bring something new to the table that has not been heard before and break through the walls. They do that with full force on their recent debut album, Funeral For A Broken Mind, featuring the bands most succesful song, Lady of Sorrow, the crushing “My Damnation” featuring Andreas Bjulver from CABAL and the beautiful “Savior” featuring Nicklas Sonne from DEFECTO. Beautiful lyrical storyscapes, heavy guitars, crushing drums, gut wrenching bass and roaring vocals. These all objectively sum up the bands sound and what can be expected from them on their album aswell as live at shows. They have already cemented their place in the underground of the danish metal scene, and made a name for them self playing various well recognized danish metal festivals. Such as Copenhagen Metal Fest 2021, Aalborg Metalfestival 2021 and supporting Møl at Mejeriet in Sønderborg on their “Viljen Vendt Mod Solen” tour 2022. But they themselves are ready for what comes next and taking Sansera as a whole to the next level and chapter of their story and see what comes next.


ARCHON from Aarhus, Denmark is ready to kick your face in with their hybrid of the core genres, making it impossible NOT to move in the pit. In 2021 ARCHON released their debut EP Altiora, combining metalcore with elements found in both ambient and classical genres, together with lyrical themes touching upon personal and socio-political challenges. Altiora was well-received with great reviews from og Metal Hammer UK, and put the band on the map, where ARCHON supported esteemed names such as MØL, CABAL, and UNSEEN FAITH, while also being handpicked to play at UHØRT Festival 2022. Since then ARCHON has fine tuned their sonic universe with a deeper and darker sound and bone crushing breakdowns, all resulting in ARCHON hitting harder than ever.


Copenhagen-based riffheads Conover represent a bright new future for Danish metalcore, and the young group is on a mission to rebel against the trends and tendencies of today’s modern metal scene – soundscapes characterised by dull, metallic chugs and predictable songwriting, making every new band sound like the last and impossible to tell apart. Conover has a different recipe for their signature sound that takes the listener back to the early days of metalcore, and the main ingredient at their disposal is riffs – riffs for days! Combined with catchy melodies, complex, syncopated drum patterns as well as heavy breakdowns, oppressive shrieks and yells that has the listener gasping for air, Conover represent a drastic shift back to the very roots of metalcore.