Tuesday the 26th of September 2023 / kl 18:00 / GRATIS entre
Documentary Evening: EdifĂ­cio Master

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For one week, Eduardo Coutinho and his team talked to 27 residents in an enormous building in Copacabana. Amongst these are a middle-aged couple who met through the classified ads in a newspaper, a call-girl who keeps her daughter and her sister, a retired actor, an ex-football player, and a janitor who suspects that his adopted father, whom he dreams about every night, is his real father. The subject of this documentary is private life in the big city, apartments as a last stronghold of individuality, in addition to emphasizing the fact that to live together in one and the same place does not ensure that a community will be formed.
Directed by Eduardo Coutinho
Duration: 1h 50m
This event is free.
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