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Comeback Kid (CA)
Lifesick (DK)
City Keys (SWE/SCO/PL)
Out of Bounds (lokal)

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Extra ordinary opening day with a SCOOP!!

Your chance to see a band that normally plays in front of thousands of people in the intimate atmosphere at 1000Fryd!

Let the hardcore mayhem begin!


Since dropping their debut full-length, 2003’s Turn It Around, COMEBACK KID has been an undeniable staple of the hardcore community. Each subsequent release has built upon the foundation of its predecessor while continually experimenting with and incorporating new musical elements from beyond the confines of modern hardcore.

Originally formed in 2000 by members of Winnipeg, Canada's underground music scene, COMEBACK KID has amassed a catalog of five full-length international releases along with a live CD/DVD. Says current vocalist Andrew Neufeld about the band's origins: "We wanted to keep the intensity from our other bands or those we looked up to at the time, but also took influence from '90s skate punk and more melodic acts." He continues: "We wanted the music to be heavy, but the vocals were meant to incorporate a bit more melody than was found in traditional hardcore. Still, I don't think we knew how far we could go with it at the time." The band's sophomore effort, 2005's Wake The Dead, affirmed their position atop the heap of modern hardcore bands; however, when writing commenced for 2007's Broadcasting..., then-vocalist and founding member Scott Wade announced his departure from the group, finding Neufeld abandoning his axe to take over vocal duties. But Broadcasting... didn't miss a beat. With Neufeld more than capably filling Wade's shoes, they delivered a powerful record that was undeniably COMEBACK KID while incorporating further-developed musical ideas and a more colorful vocal performance.

Having delivered their pure and passionate brand of hardcore to fans around the world since 2002, COMEBACK KID released a live CD/DVD package dubbed Through The Noise in 2008. On top of accurately relaying the intensity and attitude of a COMEBACK KID performance through a 17-song set list comprised of favorites from the band's three previous releases, it also included an hour-long documentary entitled "Our Distance" that shared the band's story to date. The documentary allowed fans an inside look their tours, how they started and where they are going, testament to their desire to remain connected to their crowds. The band went on to dominate stages on several continents and worked on an array of other projects, music and otherwise, all while composing the fourth COMEBACK KID record, Symptoms + Cures, an offering that saw the band pushing their output to a new plateau. Released in 2010, the album was rooted in the brand of hardcore that its three predecessors helped established, yet incorporated more musical layers and vocal variance than ever. "We really found our mesh with Andrew singing," said drummer Kyle Profeta about the effort. "Our last album was more of a 'feeler.' We were just getting in the mode of Andrew becoming our front man. With Symptoms + Cures, we've really found our sound with him and we're all really excited about it." Upon delivering the new project to the masses, COMEBACK KID embarked on a world tour, hitting North America, Europe, Asia, and South America and sharing stages with acts like MADBALL, SICK OF IT ALL, FOUR YEAR STRONG, A WILHELM SCREAM, PARKWAY DRIVE, BLEEDING THROUGH, and others.

With their devout supporters behind them, COMEBACK KID played sold out shows all over the world, staying busy in 2013, performing on the Boys of Summer tour, Spring Break festival, Grozerock Fest, Pirate Satellite Festival, S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival, Amnesia Rockfest, Deichbrand Festival, Dour Festival, Resurrection Fest, Xtreme Fest, and Hevy Festival, and hundreds of shows in between. Fans can rest assured that 2014 will prove just as impressive, with the release of their newest album, Die Knowing, a headlining North American tour, and more surprises along the way. Released on March 4th, Die Knowing is nothing short of to a crowd pleaser. Alternative Press comments, "Die Knowing succeeds where so many others fail: in conveying emotion, engaging the listener and creating an experience." Hardly a "comeback", the guys of COMEBACK KID continue to remind us time and time again that they are here to stay.



Hatefull and depressive hardcore - inspirered by lifes up's and down's. verbal greif and riff's that makes you want to kill yourself.

Straight outta hardcore city Fredericia. For the fans of Nails, Code Orange, Hatebreed, and Slayer. Signed on Sourthern Lord



Born out ot the ashes of former Scandinavian tour machines, a new hardcore vessel rises: CITY KEYS (slang for bolt cutter). The members carry a history of being in bands with relentless touring and recording ethics.

TIP THE SCALE is a taste of what’s to come. 4 tracks clocking in at just under 12 minutes, a raw mix of heavy riffs, dark harmonies and sociopolitical and personal fueled rage influenced by equal amounts of American hardcore as of Swedish classic metal and punk.

Recorded 15.000km apart with instrumental sessions taking place in Melbourne, Australia and vocals taken care of in Malmö, Sweden. Guest vocals by Johannes Persson from one of Swedens heaviest and most international well-known bands, CULT OF LUNA and Daniel Austin of Texas most furious hardcore band, DIE YOUNG.

Recorded and mixed by Fred Hunger (FVCK LIFE STUDIOS) and mastered by Brad Boatright (AUDIOSIEGE).

TIP THE SCALE 7"/Digital available through Evil Greed and on cassette through War Record the 21st of October 2016.


Out Of Bounds er en nyopstartet punk-rock trio fra Nordjylland. Lyden varriere mellem straight-forward knald på, til mere dvælende stykker, alt i ånden af melodisk punk-rock. Bandet er inspireret af alt det gode fra 90-punken samt nyere bands.

Inspirationen kommer b.la. fra: Bad Religion, Good Riddance, Thrice, Bigwig, La Dispute, Strung Out, Touché Amoré, Useless ID, Propagandhi og meget mere. Bandet har for nyligt indspillet tre numre som snart vil blive udgivet.

Fredag den 7 juli 2017 / kl 12 00 / entre 75 kroner
DIY Birdhouse Workshop
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It's time for a summer activity! (Danish below)

Activists of 1000fryd are inviting you all to join us for a DIY birdhouse workshop, where you can come with your family and friends to our social and creative workshop. We will help each other to build birdhouses and provide you with tools and materials to build them. You are also welcome to bring your own stuff for more creativity. Once we are done, you can decide where you want to put your birdhouses for birdies to squat.

For this occasion the café is selling sodas for 10 kr. Let's have a good "hygge" and give some free homes for to our bird friends.

Tid til sommeraktiviteter!

Aktivisterne på 1000fryd inviterer jer til en DIY fuglehus dag. Her kan du medbringe din familie og venner til en social og kreativ workshop. Vi hjælper hinanden med at bygge fuglehuse, og stiller materialer og værktøj til rådighed. Du skal være mere end velkommen til selv at medbringe kreative materialer! Når vi er færdige, bestemmer du helt selv, hvor du vil lade fuglene bezætte huset henne.

I denne anledning sæler cafeen sodavand for 10 kr. Så lad os hygge sammen og bygge nogle gode huse til fuglene.

Lørdag den 8 juli 2017 / kl 20 30 / entre 50 kroner
Orcas (KBH)
Chavs (lokal)
Lillebror (lokal)

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Årets sommerfest rammer 1000fryd den 8. juli! Det bliver rocket, det bliver lallet, det bliver dansabelt, og alle er inviteret!


Du har hørt dem på P6 Beat, du har hørt dem på fryds anlæg i de sene lørdagsnattetimer, du har hørt dem i dine dagdrømme om en fjern fortid spækket med ryatæpper og nikotingule Mao-plakater: ORCAS kommer til Aalborg for første gang i halvandet år, svævende fra København via Sydfyn på en sky af tung røg, og de er klar til at levere 60'er-inspireret beatmusik, med guitarfræs og flabede tekster i et sådant omfang at det ville få selveste gavflaben til at holde kæft et øjeblik. Kodylt!


Tjavserne kommer direkte oppe fra under kvisten i 1000fryds eget øvelokale, og spiller upbeat solbrillerock om at sove længe, køre ud i det blå på sin knallert, drikke en rød sodavand og generelt dangdere den i solen til den helt store guldmedalje! Det lyder som da mor var dreng - knæhøjt!


Sommerpunk-duoen, bestående af Lille og Bror, spiller deres første koncert i over et år. Bum! Nordjyske har beskrevet bandet som ”musik til når du har fået 10-14 øl for meget”, og noterede at ”bandet bør optræde med deres fandenivoldske punk på et døddrukkent spillested eller et snusket værtshus”. Tjek og tjek!

Entre: 50 kroner.


The summer party of the year is going down at 1000fryd on the 8th of july. Drop in!

ORCAS, the next big thing in the world of danish beatrock, is coming to Aalborg for the first time in way too long! They deliver psyched up, bluesy guitar solos, backed by the heaviest rhythm section on this side of the 1970's. Oh yes!

To get warmed up, we have CHAVS, straight from 1000fryd's own rehearsal room, and LILLEBROR, reuniting on stage for the first time in over a year. You definately don't want to miss this!

Entrance: 50 kroner.

Torsdag den 13 juli 2017 / kl 21 00 / entre 50 kroner
War of Destruction (Aarhus)

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Summer punk rock at 1000Fryd. Ticket 60kr


Formed at ground zero of Boston's tough-as-nails straight edge hardcore scene, DYS rose out of SS Decontrol's Boston Crew, and grew into one of the city’s top draws. Their debut album "Brotherhood" was released by X-Claim records. Adding a second guitar player, DYS progressed into early Metal cross-over with their self-titled second album, released on Modern Method. DYS has been featured in the film adaptation and book "American Hardcore,” the documentary " xxx All Ages xxx” the books "Radio Silence," "Fucked up and Photocopied," "Straight Edge Youth" and "All Ages" among others.

After a long hiatus, DYS reformed in 2010 to play the Gallery East 'xxx All Ages xxx' festival and movie shoot, headlining in front of more than 1,000 young and old fans. That show led to a music and merchandise deal with Bridge 9 Records, spawning a live album, “More than Fashion: Live from the Gallery East Reunion” as well as a series of new Digital Singles. Since reforming, and locking down an all-star line-up, the band has played top punk/hardcore festivals in the US and Europe as well as most of the biggest media markets in America and Western Europe.

DYS is:

Dave Smalley, vocal. Down By Law, ex-All, ex-Dag Nasty

Jonathan Anastas, bass. Ex-Slapshot

Franz Stahl, guitars. Scream, ex-Foo Fighters

Al Pahanish, drums. Ex-Powerman 5000

Adam Porris, guitars. Ex-Far From Finished


War of Destruction was formed in the summer of 1981 in Århus, Denmark and is regarded one of the first hardcore bands in Denmark. In the years to follow War of Destruction formed a unique sound and became the absolute leading hardcore band in Denmark at that time. In the eighties they did around 150 gigs, playing with bands like: GBH, Destructors, Birthday Party, Frites Modern, Rattus, Raw Power, Nomeansno and danish bands like the Razor Blades, City X, Electric Deads etc. In the summer of `88 they went on a holiday for 14 years and didn't play again before 2003, but have continued to do so up until now.