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Sharkmuffin (us)
FMK (dk)

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Brooklyn based garage rock trio Sharkmuffin create super-heavy, jagged, and exceedingly catchy rock, which recently was named by Billboard as being one of the “20 All-Female Bands You Need to Know”. Experienced guitarist Tarra Thiessen (vocals/guitar/theremin/pocket piano) and Natalie Kirch (vocals/bass) first together jammed in Mantoloking, NJ at Kirch's family beach house in July 2012, just months prior to it being destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. They released three EPs in 2013, including '1097,' which was named after the beach house where they began collaborating. The noise-punk-meets-psychedelic power pop group released their debut album 'Chartreuse' in August 2015, featuring Patty Schemel (Upset/Hole) on drums. "Sharkmuffin are one of the more popular garage punk bands in the Brooklyn music scene, and essential listening for fans of Screaming Females. There's a certain '90s feel to the music they make, driven by demanding but never desperate hollers." - Billboard Magazine

I det sene efterår 2014 låste tre piger sig ind i en mørk krigsbunker sammen med et par instrumenter, effektpedaler, og indspilningsgrej. En uge senere kom de ud med tre upolerede sange på bånd og bandnavnet Fuck Marry Kill = F.M.K.

F.M.K. kombinerer et flydende droneunivers med skarpe rå kanter og punkede vokaler. Inspirerede af start-80'ernes new wave punk, lo-fi psych, halvfemsernes riotgirrl og senere tids garagegenrer, trækker F.M.K på kilder som Sleater-Kinney, Thee Oh Sees, Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill, The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs etc.

F.M.K består af medlemmer fra blandt andet Nelson Can og Cherry Overdrive, så rutinen er på plads!

Bandet spillede sidst på 1000Fryd sammen med Screaming Females og nu er de endelig tilbage!

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King Dude (us)
Bellhound Choir (dk)

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King Dude is a raw mix of neofolk, country and rock 'n' roll!

Is it black? Is it neofolk? No, this is King Dude, a one-man band who mixes his '50s country roots with dark neofolk, dim white noise, reverb and effects. Prepare yourself for songs about Satan, death and the suffering human.

Pulling together the biblical sound and isolation of the bygone days of revelation with an atmosphere filled with hope and salvation, King Dude has woven his own brand of American music. He brandishes many varied influences in his songwriting. Everything from British Folk, Americana, Country and Blues can be heard in his songs. Even the heavier sounds of Heavy Metal tend to sneak and slither it's way into the King Dude canon.

King Dude have played Roadburn Festival, Heavy Days in Doomtown, Incubate Festival, Muskelrock and are confirmed for this years Wacken Open Air.

Bellhound Choir er melankolsk, akustisk, tung musik. Bellhound Choir er Christian Hede Madsen.

Bandet er født i et ønske om at bringe æstetikken fra metal og hård rock ind i et mere skrøbeligt, folk-inspireret univers, der dog på alle måder stadig har tyngde som vigtigste våben.

Christian Hede Madsen er født og opvokset på Bornholm, har spillet i Pet The Preacher der har turneret i hele Europa, og er derudover en ivrig forfatter. Bellhound Choir er et udtryk for alle de erfaringer, samlet i én verden. Simple sange om kærlighed og de forkvaklede mennesker der forvalter den.

Bellhound Choir bruger maj måned på tour med legendariske John Garcia inden koncerten på 1000Fryd med King Dude. Bellhound Choir kommer som en trio, som du ikke kan tillade dig at gå glip af!

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Horisont (s)
Black Lung (us)

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Horisont revives the sounds of 70’s heavy classic rock. The mix of classic rock, progressive, blues and psychedelic brings the mind back to the days of Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath and November. The wha-wha, fuzz, slide, double riffs, thunderous drums and a killer voice, it’s all here.

Big of moustache and tight of trouser, Horistont drink from the bottomless wellspring of inspiration that’s been bubbling up through the layers of time since the birth of the blues – or Blue Oyster Cult at the very least.

Theirs is a sound that harks back to the dawn of the 70s, when a new clutch of heads decided it was time to harsh the 60s hippies’ mellow and paint it black; those years when the twin spirit of hard rock and prog rose to redefine sound.

In the deadly cold winter of 2014 Black Lung , emerged from the underbelly of Baltimore with unprecedented amounts of volume. A union of Adam Bufano, Elias Mays Schutzman (of The Flying Eyes) and multi-instrumentalist Dave Cavalier, the trio toes the line between sonic pain and psychedelic bliss. With influences ranging from the raw edged blues-rock of early Black Keys and White Stripes to the stoned out riffage of Queens Of The Stone Age and Sleep, Black Lung seeks to create a sound that is as soulful as it is heavy. After releasing their self-titled debut (Grimoire Records/Noisolution) and being named "Best New Band of 2014" by the Baltimore City Paper, they embarked on their first short tour throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Black Lung will now return to Europe in the Spring of 2016

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Lonely Kamel (n)
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This camel is certainly not a lone voice in the wilderness. Especially since LONELY KAMEL indeed sound like a desert, but in truth come from Norway. And obviously traditional Hard Rock can be produced quite exquisitely between fjords and endless forests, which sound nice, meaty and dry. LONELY KAMEL released their fourth album where the Norwegians act in the tension between Hard Rock from the seventies, Stoner Rock, Blues, Psychedelic and a dash of Doom.

"We wanted this record as simple and cheap as possible record," joked frontman and guitarist Thomas Brenna recently, still actually it was the plan to merge the rhythm section live, in order to have more time for the detail work afterwards. Nine tracks with everything the genre has to offer: from the rough, punky title track, which has a certain punk attitude over extended jams to compact four-minute earwigs. And thus is clear: LONELY KAMEL clearly belong to the spearhead of the European Rocker scene.

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