Torsdag den 21 juni 2018 / kl 15 00 / GRATIS entre
Art Room:
Traffic Light of Emotions

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There's no doubt that the art is about feelings. It is very obvious in music, which has a priviliged access to express feelings, and by that is affecting us. But feelings are defiently also existing in the visual arts, not only in fierced, expressive works like Munch's perpetual scream, but overall.

Traffic Light of Emotions is a one day exhibition with Mitsu aka. Vanessa Ribeiro (PT), Ezra Lundtoft Thomsen (DK) & Lauma Silauniece (LV), which all work with their emotions in their arts. What they greatly have in common is the theraputical aspect when creating pictures - tackling emotions while tackling the visual outcome - but at the same time work with different themes about oneself in the art.


Mitsu aka. Vanessa Ribeiro (PT)

Mitsu is a designer and contemporary artist, who is also known as Nessie and Vanessa, and recently lives in Denmark. She is inspired by dreams and music, and her vision is to make her dreams come true and wants to see people smile when seeing her works.

Ezra Lundtoft Thomsen (DK)

(description coming later)

Lauma Silauniece (LV)

Her mom put her in art school preparatory classes when she was around 6 years old. It was her and her friend from kindergarde group that refused to take naps. They were so to call 'problematic' kids for the teachers, because they refused to follow the daily regimen of kindergarten. So when the kids went to sleep, the teacher took them off to art school, that was right across the road. Lauma finished art school when she was 15 years old, since then she has been developing her style, experimenting with different medias and exploring what is out there.



15.00 Opening

15.30 Introduction to the works

20.00 End

The event is free, and there will be tea and snacks.

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Fredag den 22 juni 2018 / kl 18 00 / GRATIS entre
Silueta Porteña
Tango på 1000Fryd

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Milonga traditional

18:30 - 20:00 Free intro to tango.

Anyone interested in stepping into the tango is welcome in this class.

20:00 - late A varied but traditional milonga.

No entrance fee.

Lørdag den 23 juni 2018 / kl 20 00 / GRATIS entre
Rock Bar
Sidste åbningsdag

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Byens mest uoplagte DJ-team er tilbage for at spille den slemmeste rock i byen! Vi snakker alt fra Steppeulvene til Bonnie Tyler, fra Gnags til Nina Hagen, og fra 13th Floor Elevators til Phil Collins!

Anledningen er at 1000Fryd holder sidste åbningsdag før sommerferien (sådan da) og derfor er der også dobbelt op på almindelige flaskebajere og sjusser i baren! Derudover siger rygtet ude i byen at der vil være helt eksklusive drinks i dagens anledning!

Mød ind! Skru op! Fald om!

Lørdag den 30 juni 2018 / kl 19 00 / entre 50 kroner
Emperor X (DE)
Vestbyrødderne (local)

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We are throwing a party, because we now own our whole house!


In an act of uncharacteristic nostalgia, Arizona’s A J J (formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad) will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their chaotic, genre-defying 2007 album People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People On Earth with a 3 week tour of the UK and Europe, featuring the band’s original lineup of Sean Bonnette on acoustic guitar and Ben Gallaty on stand-up bass.

“I can’t believe it’s been ten years since our first decent record came out,” explained singer/guitarist Sean Bonnette when asked about his feelings on the anniversary. “I distinctly remember when we found the album title in Kurt Vonnegut’s Hocus Pocus. We were in a daze driving overnight from Phoenix to LA to play a show. I called Asian Man and left Mike [Park] a message that morning. It felt dramatic. Why didn’t I just email him?”

People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World, the second album from AJJ released in September of 2007, is a thematic rollercoaster. Evoking feelings of both joy and existential dread, this album was the starting point for one of Bonnette’s central lyrical themes: human duality and the inner struggle between good and evil. Frantic folk instrumentation drives the sound of the album, which has been described as “sad in the key of happy” and "Neutral Milk Hotel on meth." This is the album that put AJJ on the map and proudly remains a cornerstone in their great body of work.

AJJ released their latest album, an ambitious and assured collection of scuzzy punk screeds entitled The Bible 2, last summer. The band reconvened with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Xiu Xiu, Cloud Nothings), who also oversaw 2014’s sonically expansive Christmas Island. Both albums display Bonnette’s most impressive work, who has honed his confessional lyrical prowess into a punk inflected mire of Trent Reznor’s unrestrained turmoil, Jamie Stewart’s profane gallows humor and a touch of David Berman’s surreal quotidian imagery.


Dream pop / speed folk


Lokalt band fra Vestbyen af 9000 Aalborg. Det bliver fedt og ungt og hipt og flot.

Fredag den 6 juli 2018 / kl 21 00 / entre 50 kroner
Pseudo Slang (US)
+ support

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Pseudo Slang is Emcee Sick and Dj Form as well as countless contributors such as Trucker Stroe, Tone Atlas, DJ Cutler, Gangsta D and contributing members DJ Tommee, Daringer, Dj LoPro, Mysterious L, A.L. Third + more. Formed in Buffalo NY and based in Chicago Pseudo Slang have been closely followed for a decade garnering international praise for creating a fresh sound that steps outside of contemporary rap’s confines. PS released their debut “Catalogue” October 2004 under the umbrella of Baby Steps Hip Hop which then operating as a record label. Catalogue was compilation of tracks recorded between 1999-2004, and due to the excitement it generated the group subsequently signed with Brooklyn-based indie-major Fat Beats Records in August 2005. Fat Beats then released Pseudo Slang “Broke & Copascetic” (12” Vinyl single) which sold over 3000 units worldwide, then to hold fans over until the official full-length the Slangers released “Thank God It’s Not Another Mixtape” (2006, CD) which created yet more buzz. Pseudo Slang completed six 40+ City US Tours, and toured extensively through Europe and Canada. Their flagship album “We’ll Keep Looking” was essentially a debut release for PS on the international heavyweight status Fat Beats commands, and the buzz has had the meters pinned down worldwise since. An exclusive Japanese Import of the album was released in Japan in April 2009. Most recently Pseudo Slang has had a German Import 7" vinyl single "Cool Letter Man" b/w "Debt & Danger" released on ThinkLoud (2011) for which they shot a music video in East Germany which has increased the PS buzz to a fever pitch!