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Summer show: Mudhoney (us)


Nirvana may have been the band that put an entire generation in flannel, and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden both sold a lot more records, but Mudhoney were truly the band that made the '90s grunge rock movement possible. Mudhoney were the first real success story for Sub Pop Records; their indie-scene success laid the groundwork for the movement that would (briefly) make Seattle, Washington, the new capital of the rock & roll universe; and they took the sweat-soaked and beer-fueled mixture of heavy metal muscle, punk attitude, and garage rock primitivism that would become known as "grunge" to the hipster audience for the first time, who would in turn sell it to a mass audience ready for something new.

Though Mudhoney never scored the big payday some of their old-running buddies did, their importance on the Seattle scene cannot be underestimated, and their body of work -- big, loud, purposefully sloppy, a little bit menacing, and even more funny -- has stood the test of time better than their well-known colleagues

Mudhoney's early releases on the Sub Pop label, particularly their debut single "Touch Me I'm Sick" and the Superfuzz Bigmuff EP, were massively influential on the Seattle music scene. More than almost any other release of the era they inspired the dirty, high-distortion sound that would become grunge. Later on, Mudhoney also mixed heavy blues rock and punk rock into their sound at various stages. Although the band has found little commercial success during its long career, which has yielded 10 studio albums, it has inspired countless grunge and alternative rock musicians.

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Mike Spine (us)
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Mike Spine is a Seattle born and Seattle/Europe based musician known for his powerful voice, intelligent songwriting and captivating live performance. He has played hundreds of folk rock, rock and punk shows in five continents since 1995.

He is touring as a folk rock/Americana duo in support of the release of his 9th studio album, “Don’t Let It Bring You Down”, with Mike on guitar and vocals, accompanied by Barbara Luna from Milan, Italy on piano/violin/guitar and backing vocals.

In 1996 while living in Portland OR, Spine founded the independent label Global Seepej Records. In 2001 he founded hybrid punk rock/indie rock/folk punk band At the Spine and between 2003 and 2012 released 5 critically acclaimed albums and toured substantially throughout the United States and Italy.

When not playing music, Mike has spent the last 20 years working as an activist and public school teacher.

Mike has shared bills and stages with artists such as Mike Watt (Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Minutemen), Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Los Lobos, Damien Jurado, Artis the Spoonman, Chiodos, The Murder City Devils, Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession, Three Mile Pilot), Dick Valentine (Electric Six), Stef Burns (Alice Cooper, Vasco Rossi), Ian Moore (Joe Ely), The Districts, David Mallett, Jim Page, etc.

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Myciaa is an electro punk duo. A girl and a boy playing guitars, bass, keys and machines on their own sound system in the middle of a room,with computers screen all around for an attractive video live performance.

Myciaa is a french punk/numerik or electro/punk or punk/indus non profit band, which deals with antiracism, sex equality, antihomophobia, animal liberation, life, death...

Myciaa has played in many countries all over the world : France, England, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Germany, Poland, Holland, Czech Republic ... opening for bands such as ATR, MELT BANANA and POLYSICS

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Kalles World Tour (dk)
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When Kalles World Tour performs you can be sure to be entertained within the uncertainty-universe. Be ready to expect the unexpected...

Kalles World Tour is a one-man band, and the guy behind it is Kalle Mathiesen, a classically trained drummer from the Royal Academy of Music.

Armed with a knight's helmet, loop station, drums, bass, balloons, squealing pig toys, a drill and much more, you are guaranteed world class entertainment!


Det eneste man kan være sikker på, når Kalles World Tour står for underholdningen er, at man ikke kan være sikker på noget som helst. Kalle Mathiesen uddannet trommeslager ved Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium og har skabt sit one man show ud fra devisen, at ”Der er musik i alt og alt er musik”.

Bevæbnet med loopstation, trommesæt, bas, balloner, pivedyr, ridderhjelm, boremaskine og omtrent alle mulige tænkelige genstande, der kan lave lyd og en god portion selvironi, serverer Kalle Mathiesen musikalsk underholdning i verdensklasse.

Kalle har det som sit mål at optræde i alle lande i verden, og han er godt på vej både som gademusikant og under mere ordnede forhold. Basen er dog i Danmark, og han er efterhånden kendt fra både TV-programmerne Ramasjang, Natholdet, So Ein Ding, My Danish collection og radioprogrammet Weekendsax på Radio 24/7.

Kalle Mathiesen blev desuden skandinavisk mester i loopstation i 2013.

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