Onsdag den 14 november 2018 / kl 17 00 / GRATIS entre
Yoga at 1000Fryd #2
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Wednesday / KL 17-18 / Free Entry


Do you consider going to a yoga class but it's too expensive? You never even considered but now there is one for free – and you might want to try?

Yoga is connecting our mind and our body. It's breathing, opening and letting go. Let's give some awareness to parts of our body that might be tense or sour.

All Levels are welcome.

Bring your own mat and comfortable cloth.

(The class will be in English.)


& see you on the mat!

Torsdag den 15 november 2018 / kl 20 00 / GRATIS entre
Jazz Jam Session at 1000Fryd
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***English below***

Kære venner!

Kom med på 1000FRYD til en aften fyldt med live jazz, billig øl og god stemning.

Jazz Jam i Aalborg er et samlingspunkt for det nordjyske jazzmiljø. Her mødes musikere fra alle lag og udfolder sig kreativt. Det er en platform som er solidarisk, imødekommende og åben for alle. Musikken vil derfor være forskellig fra gang til gang, alt afhængigt af hvem der deltager. En høj standard er dog garanteret takket være et professionelt husband. Publikum oplever hermed en levende og intens musik, som bliver skabt i nuet.

Aftenens værter er:

Julia Østergård - sang

Salvador Olmos - guitar

Thomas Munk-Petersen - kontrabas

Martin Kollerup Sørensen - trommer


Dear friends!

Rise up and join us at 1000FRYD for a night of live jazz, low-priced drinks and a "hyggelig" (look it up) atmosphere!

Jazz jam in Aalborg is the rallying point for the jazz society in North Jutland. It is the setting in which musicians from all levels and leagues can meet, express their creative side and connect with one another. The keywords for this platform are solidarity, open-mindedness and freedom of expression. The music will differ from each session depending on the participants. Nonetheless, a first-class quality is always guaranteed thanks to the professional house band. The audience will thereby experience a lively and intense performance, created in an immediate and energetic atmosphere.

The jam hosts are:

Julia Østergård - vocals

Salvador Olmos - guitar

Thomas Munk-Petersen - double bass

Martin Kollerup Sørensen - drums

Fredag den 16 november 2018 / kl 21 00 / entre 60 kroner
Alkymist (DK)
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En dragende, metallisk blanding, hvor de faktisk slipper afsted med, at skabe en form for guld. Sort guld.

Urovækkende, hjemsøgt, arrigt, afventende, udfarende og sort.

Alkymist er mikstur-metal der ikke frembringer mange tydelige svar, når man indtager den. Du sættes i nogle stemninger og sindstilstande og så er det ellers bare med, at lade sig rive med, gå på opdagelse og se hvor man ender.

Alkymist er dannet i 2016 af guitarist Stefan Krey (Gas Giant) og bassist Kaspar Luke (Düreforsøg) og fuldendte line-uppet året efter med trommeslager Philip Kjær Morthorst (The Ritual) og den tidligere Detest forsanger Peter Bjørneg.


Lørdag den 17 november 2018 / kl 21 00 / GRATIS entre
Deep indeed

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[ Deep Indeed ]

Hello, ladies, creative minds, clubbers, techno heads, LGBT people, and gentlemen!


After such a successful debut, we are ready to introduce you to the second LINES event!

But this time LINES goes more towards deep and minimal.

Core genres of the event will be deep-tech, minimal house, dub techno, deep techno etc.

So it is a specific mood.


And we have special guests:


RZVN is a popular local DJ from Romania, the country where the minimal house was born. We know RZVN as a resident and an organizer of The Groovebox Collective. He also holds his own podcast on Force Radio entitled Tricksónic. RZVN will open the event with a b2b set with Papa Guincho.



Papa Guincho is a DJ painting the sonic tapestries from a rich palette of dance music styles. According to a collective DJ mind, he is one of the most undefined local DJs. His huge experience and knowledge of modern electronic dance music is the key to take a listener or a dancer on a truly unique journey.



We are proud to introduce you to Sorin, a new DJ from Moldovia based in Aalborg. He’s already played in Copenhagen and Aarhus, but this is going be his debut in Aalborg. Sorin will take the second line in the lineup with a delicious selection of dub techno and deep techno grooves.



Darius Vaikas is one of our headliners. He is a talented Lithuanian producer and DJ who lives and teaching music producing in Aarhus. He has released music on Pets Recordings and Project Mooncircle. Darius will bring us a beautiful and deep midnight trip.



Our main headliner Enzo Pietropaolo is from Berlin. He started DJing in ’94 in Italy and has since then experimented continuously with technology. His sound has evolved throughout the years to encompass a variety of subgenres within the electronic music spectrum but has always been heavily influenced by his urban music background: groovy basslines and catchy rhythmic paired with soulful leads and sparse vocal arrangements. In 2013 he moved to Berlin and started exploring the wide selection of techno/house music the city has to offer. The style of his sets (Chalet, Kantine am Berghain, Kosmonaut, IPSE, Club der Visionaere…) has since developed further towards darker textures and more abstract leads.



Closing the event LINES resident Vivien Oldy.



Our visual team: Oana Camelia, Teis Vognstoft Harrington and Maros Suran Bomba are working on a an exciting visual project on the concept of lines.



Come early to get and enjoy all the LINES we have prepared for you! We are starting massive and opening the night with two respectable local DJ’s. RZVN b2b Papa Guincho will complement each other and fill up the space with a deep sound that encompasses everything from deep techno, minimal house, dub techno, deep house and beyond.

Don’t miss it!

The event is only until 3 AM.

Come early and make your club night longer!



21:00 RZVN b2b Papa Guincho

22:30 Srngrc

23:30 Darius Vaikas (Aarhus)

00:30 Enzo Pietropaolo (DE)

02:00 Vivien Oldy



Time: 21:00 - 03:00

Entrance: free (to all LINES events this year)

1000fryd rules: No racism, no sexism & no homophobia.


Follow LINES on Facebook to be first and get info about our future events.

Søndag den 18 november 2018 / kl 18 00 / GRATIS entre
Sunday Movie:

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Two teenage girls, both named Marie, decide that since the world is spoiled they will be spoiled as well; accordingly they embark on a series of destructive pranks in which they consume and destroy the world about them. This freewheeling, madcap feminist farce was immediately banned by the government