Friday the 15th of August 2003 / kl 19:30 / GRATIS entre
AFLYST - Wasted (sf) + Escapado (d)

Hvorfor skulle sådan en trommeslager også stå på skateboard og brække hånden, tsk, tsk

Wasted kommer hele vejen fra Finland for at spille noget gammeldaws punkrock for dig... Så kom ud af sommerdøsen og ind og svinge de sommerbrune skanker til førsteklasses oldschool punk! Og med i bagagen er Escapado fra Tyskland med emo-hardcore for fuld skrue. Hvis Wasted er langt nordfra, så er Escapado da ihvertfald fra Tyskland... Er lige så meget emohardcore, som Wasted er punk. Som en blanding imellem Lack og Turbostaat. Stik den, og så på vores lille scene. ak, ja, ak, ja...

Check deres hjemmesider for MP3 og andre lækkerier.

I excuse, som oprindelig skulle have spillet sammen med Wasted kommer ikke alligevel... desværre...

"....Wasted was formed in the fall of`96 in Joensuu, Finland.All the band members had been friends for many years and been playing in all kinds of punkbands before Wasted. We played finnish hardcore, punk/ska and all kinds of shit just for fun. In ´96 there wasn´t that many bands, who played raw old school punk rock in the finnish punk scene. Almost all the bands were playing either crust/hc or straight edge hc or something. So we thought of starting to play the kinda music, we´d like to listen to and see ourselves. I decided to form a band that would play raw old school punk rock. That is the kinda style of punk that got me interested in punk in the first place. At first we had a different drummer(Olavi), but he left the band after a few months. Then Miikka(who first played bass) started banging the drums and Kalle, who was playing bass in all of our bands, picked up the bass. None of us could really play our instruments, so it was pretty obvious, that we had really short songs, raw and rough- style of punk rock.Our influences in the beginning(some still are) were for example: Black Flag, Adolescents, Op. Ivy, Spermbirds, Stiff Little Fingers etc. But we have progressed along the way and nowadays we try not to sound like any other band. We try not to take too much influences to stay original, to make our own sound. Of course the lyrics have made a big difference right from the beginning. Song-writing, in this mad, fucked-up world, is a good outlet for your anger, frustration, depression and all that. We have both political and personal lyrics. I mean, not necessarily political, but just how I feel about the things going on all over the world and around us. Most of the lyrics deal with our own experiences, things we have gone through, some are just angry, pissed-off screams at the way things are in this world...."