Sunday the 19th of December 2004 / kl 20:00 / GRATIS entre
Kevin Blechdom (us) + Heidi Mortenson (dk)
Electronica udgivet på Chicks on Speed Records og i familie med så herlige navne som Dat Politics, Le Tigre og andre lækkerier...

Nogle kender måske Kristin Ericksson fra hendes tidligere projekt sammen med Blevin Blectum, kaldet Blectum from Blechdom, hvor hun spillede intelligent og legende electronica! Nu er Kevin Blechdom solo... og hun spiller stadig electronica, og af den meget finurlige og legende slags.

Blechdom har et fantastisk liveshow, hvor hun ofte iført princessekjole, laptop og banjo fremfører electronica/ electro clash af høj kaliber. Dertil kommer hendes famøse fortolkninger af klassiske pop hits som "I will always love you" og "Private dancer"....glæd dig!!!

Med sig har hun danske Heidi Mortenson, der ligeledes spiller eksperimenterende electronica.

was born and grew up in Esbjerg, Denmark where she practiced the accordion and listened to the metallic sounds of her dad fixing cars in the garage and her mum playing the organ. After graduation she moved to Copenhagen to study modern dance & choreography. She also played the acoustic guitar and piano, but was then presented to electronic music, which inspired her to move to Barcelona.

Here she started an intense self study on machines and became an integrated part of the electronic underground scene. She developed in a new sonic universe and started playing concerts around the city together with other electronic musicians and visual-artists. Thus she began experimenting with recording herself singing inside a washing machine, rebuild a telephone receiver into a microphone, hooking up with a walkie-talkie system and more… Due to other inspiration she stared to listen to jazz, soul, gospel and folk, and commenced writing songs from the guitar. And for a year she led a futuristic alternative folk band.

Mortenson is now a One-Woman-Band playing concerts which widely offers anything from dirty beats to rock and reversed singing. As well as twisted breaks and monster bass lines, crunchy rhythms and sound-patches, add up with a mentalist flavor and a full powered voice. Live on stage she take use of machines, effect-units, instruments, computer and special-built microphones.

Mortenson was the selected Resident Artist 2002-2003, at the annual experimental LEM Festival in Gracia, Barcelona. And thereafter went on a European tour with visual constructor Mia Makela a.k.a. SOLU from Finland, with whom she later performed the Opening Act of The Transmediale Festival 2004 in Berlin.

The past year has been very progressive playing concerts with Kevin Blechdom and unfolding new ideas. And after 7 years in Barcelona, Mortenson has taken the next step and moved up to Berlin where she is making new tunes, working with together with other musicians and testing her gear in new venues.

Heidi Mortenson has just finished her upcoming debut 10” EP which will be out in the shops in March 05 on her own independant record label “Wired Stuff”.