Friday the 12th of May 2006 / kl 19:30 / GRATIS entre
Greg MacPherson (can)
Fallen Men (dk)

Endnu et stensikkert scoop!!

Greg MacPherson er fra det ny-legandariske G7-velcoming commitee records, som også huser The International Noise Conspiracy, The Weakerthans og Propagandhi og har lavet udgivelse med Noam Chomsky.

Greg MacPherson præsenterer en sund blanding af The Clash/Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg og Against Me! - agtig rock møder lidt singer/song writer. Knivskarp i sin kritik af det bestående blandet med iørefaldende kvæd og et tankevækkende tekstunivers.

På hjemmefronten er Greg MacPherson udgivet på det dejlige label Play/rec. Spontane indkøb eller almindelig nysgerrighed kan tilfredsstilles på God appetit.

Og lidt presse skal vi da ikke snydes for:

"Tanks are rolling through the streets of a desert town, the faux Marlboro-man elitist leader of the free world can run 3 miles in 20 and a half minutes, people are living longer, people are dying by the millions, there are rich and there are poor, some give a damn and some don't. Canadian singer/songwriter Greg MacPherson gives a damn. MacPherson is the new champion of a songwriting tradition stretching back to Woody Guthrie and including voices like Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen. Loud, passionate voices saying something about their place in all of this change.

MacPherson was born 30 years ago in the Sydney City Hospital, half a kilometer from one of the most polluted body of water in North America, and half an hour walk from his family home at Canadian Forces Base Sydney. He grew up on radar bases all over Canada; a base-brat in the shadow of the cold war, and a student of regional diversity and disparity.

He was raised in front of a television, got a degree in Labour History in the mid-nineties, dug graves in a cemetery for 6 years, and turned to music both for an escape from the uniform and as an outlet for his considerable creativity. Along the way MacPherson learned how to work hard and he hasn’t looked back. Multiple day jobs and a relentless touring schedule has seen Greg a janitor playing his music for punk rockers in Washington D.C. and a factory worker playing for thousands of people on folk festival stages across Canada. The ordinary becomes important."

Og lidt lyd som opvarmning...

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