Friday the 16th of March 2007 / kl 20:00 / GRATIS entre
Zu (i) + Joe Lally (us)
Yes!! Zu fra det italienske er tilbage med deres massive lydmur af noisepunkvirvar i fornemt selskab af Joe Lally, bassisten fra Fugazi. To gange tidligere har Zu været på Fryd og mon ikke det bliver endnu et brag!

Fire mennesker som ialt udgør to ganske forskellige projekter. Joe Lally præsenterer hans solo-projekt med Zu som rytme-sektion, mens Zu spiller deres sæt med Joe Lally som anden bassist. Vi snakker en oplevelse som det blir svært at være foruden!

Zu har nyligt udgivet albummet 'The Way of the Animal Powers', inspireret af titlen på en bog af den amerikanske religionsforsker, Joseph Campbell. Campbell var interesseret i ideen om monomyten - teorien om, at der under alle verdens religioner er de samme grundlæggende strukturer på spil. Og parret med Zu's rockinspirerede og anarkistiske og lydunivers, forstår man udmærket, hvad den italienske gruppe har gang i på deres nye plade: Musikken er en urkraft, og her udfoldes den i en oprindelig, uforfalsket og 100 procent ufortyndet form.

Og idag ryger vi udendørs

Men vi skal ikke være bange for lidt info på udenlandsk..

"Joe Lally is a bass guitar player, primarily known for his tirelessly inventive bass work in Fugazi, a band from Washington, D.C. They played their first show in 1987 and since then toured the world extensively covering all 50 United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Japan and many points in between. The band is self managed and release all their material through Dischord Records, an independent label founded by Ian MacKaye and partner Jeff Nelson in 1980. The band maintains a policy of affordable access to their work through low record and ticket prices and all concerts are all-ages. He has contributed lyrics and vocals to Fugazi songs. Joe has also worked with John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer as the group Ataxia. "From there to here " is first Lally's solo cd : 13 tracks where Joe has captured an album of sparse yet compelling pop songs . It features Ian MacKaye, Amy Farina, Guy Picciotto, Jerry Busher,and many others of the DC music scene and its out now on Dischord records.

Hailing from Italy, Zu has gained a solid reputation worldwide thanks to a hectic schedule that had them playing around the globe more than 700 times in the last 6 years. With little or none media support and coverage , given their status of not-catagorizable punks-freejazz-headbangers-sunrafreaks, even coming from the catholic block of Rome, Italy, Zu was able nevertheless to give birth to 10 cd, a few singles and several compilations on various great labels , as Atavistic, Red Note, Frenetic, Wide ...

Zu defies genres, destroys boundaries and categories about what a rock or jazz combo is and how it behaves. No-wave, funk , hardcore-punk, jazz , and mathematics held together in an instrumental 3-piece. Zu plays equally in rock, jazz, and contemporary music festivals worldwide: Korea , Japan , Usa , Russia, Europe, east Europe, Africa. Open to adventure and risk, curious , musically insatiable, Zu meets new partners along the way and has been on stage or in studio collaborating with the likes of: Mike Patton, The Melvins, The Ex, Dalek, Peter Brotzmann, Hamid Drake, Alvin Curran, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Amy Denio, Damo Suzuki, Eugene Chadbourne, Paal Nilssen-Love, Dj Olive , Han Bennink, Okapi, Fred Lonberg- Holm, Han Bennink, Mary Oliver, Walter Wierbos (ICP Orkest) , etc ...

Zu shared tours and stages with: The Melvins, Fantomas, Lightning Bolt, The Ex, The Ruins, Dalek, Nomeansno, Vandermark 5, Karate, and many many more ..."