Torsdag den 22 juni 2017 / kl 20 00 / entre 30 kroner
Stefan van de Sande (NL)
Jens Jepsen (lokal)
Morten B (lokal)

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Troubadour & Songwriter

In his old Volkswagen, packed with guitars and tents, Troubadour & Songwriter Stefan van de Sande (NL) is on tour again, this time with a brand new album: THE OTHER SIDE.

Inspiration for the album came during midsummer whilst sitting by a campfire at the border of a Swedish lake. It was here that Stefan converged his deepest reflections, feelings and emotions and began writing new songs. Longing to be home, unfulfilled desires, loss of a close relative, contact with a Kingfisher - all provided ideas for lyrics. Stefan's music and lyrics take us on a magical journey depicting the beauty and wonder of nature whilst exploring the infinite depth of our human existence.

Together with guitars, blues harp and mellow vocals, he leaves his own unique velvet footprint on the new CD with the imaginary title "The Other Side".

Stefan is influenced by some old school songwriters like Bob Dylan and Neil Young but over the years, he has developed his own style and sound. On stage he is simply himself - authentic, vulnerable and performs straight from his heart into the heart of his audience. A mix of modern folk with influences of blues and country make his concerts open and easy to listen to. Often listeners are taken away on Stefan's emotional journey. This is because they can easily relate to his music and the vivid imagery in his lyrics, as though they were a reflection of sensations, memories and experiences in their own life.

A concert by Stefan means you sit down, relax, listen, watch and simply enjoy a truly rewarding and unforgettable night.

(by Maria D'Alessandro, Melbourne Australia)




Alternativ country fra Hjørring med overskæg

Jens Jepsen fra Hjørring leverer poesi, country og folk i stride strømme. Med charme og karisma får han dit hoved og dine fødder i bevægelse. Med tydelige referencer til Bob Dylan og Neil Young er han en kommende stemme fra Aalborgs undergrund.




Singer-songwriter fra Aalborg

Morten B spiller egne sange i et akustisk band-setup, hvor man kommer helt tæt på.

Numrene mixer forskellige udtryk, hvor musikken spænder fra tempofyldte, energiske numre, som hurtigt kommer ind under huden til mere "Slow Down"-melodier med et stemningsfyldt udtryk, som giver plads.