Tuesday the 8th of May 2018 / kl 19:00 / GRATIS entre
Unit 5 (local)
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UNIT5 is an international modern jazz quintet comprising musicians from Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, and Italy.Our Jazz ensemble is quite diverse, colorful, and unique because of the way it bears each of our marks as individuals in equal proportion.Each of us has been inspired by different muses, and we bring in all our varied musical and cultural backgrounds to interact with each other and create something entirely new.

Due to these varied perspectives and individualities, diversity bleeds into the very fabric of our music, coloring each of its notes. The stories told in music are as different and varied as are people in general. We tell stories of loves lost and loves found, we tell stories heavy with the residue of trauma and tragedy, we tell stories seething with irony, and we tell much more in the eternal language of music.

Tadas Pasaravicius (LT) - Saxophone

Edgars Cirulis (LV) - Piano

Albert Reinholdt Ƙstergaard (DK) - Upright bass

Federico Nelson Fioravanti (IT) - Percussion

Matias Fischer-Mogensen (DK) - Drums