Friday the 7th of April 2023 / kl 20:00 / entre 80 DKK
EYES (København)
Ottone Pesante (ITA)
Vægtløs (local)

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EYES’ new album is entitled ‘Congratulations’, even though there isn’t much to cheer about at the moment.
The album is a further development of EYES’ sound and style with the band
focusing even more than before on melody, off kilter hooks and deep grooves throughout the album’s ten songs collectively shaping an unpredictable, rough rocking and catchy hardcore record produced razor sharply by Jacob Bredahl (LLNN, Lifesick a.o.).
The precise songwriting and the music’s urgency exist without omitting the constantly lurking chaos, an essential element in the band’s sound, style and approach. A chaos which is a key component in the band’s spirit itself; an existential unrest, which harshly presents itself in singer Victor Kaas’ lyrics and vocal delivery.


This original lineup, composed of trumpet, trombone and drums, with a unique and inimitable sound, let Ottone Pesante be one of the first Brassmetal (Brasscore) bands in the world.
Since 2015 until now OP released 1 EP (Ottone Pesante 2015), 2 full lengths (Brassphemy set in stone 2016, Apocalips 2018), a split (Subsound Records Split Series #8 2019) and a book of scores (Brassphemy set in score 2018).
More than 350 shows all over Europe through 18 countries in just 4 years, make OP a great live band. They have success in different musical scenes because they destroyed a lot of boundaries between genres. This skill allowed them to perform and be appreciated by Metal fans, Jazz listeners and every kind of rock, brass band and avant-garde fans.
One of the most important collaborations is the Cattle Decapitation one. The voice of Travis Ryan appears in "The Fifth Trumpet", first Apocalips single and OP recorded some brass parts in their new album out next November 29th.


What do you do when one of your best friends gets diagnosed with cancer? How do you handle losing someone close to you?

Vægtløs are trying to wade into questions like these on their upcoming album, which solely includes songs about people close to the band who died or suffered deadly diseases.
Vægtløs focuses on a vulnerability and openness that are lacking in the music scene, but also in society, in general. Life is fleeting and fragile, and Vægtløs is a bridge to gap between the monumental emotional dread underlying the fact that all beauty will eventually die and the cathartic strength found in music.

Vægtløs are scene veterans coming together for their love of everything emotionally heavy, passionate, honest and sincere. The band is not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeves and paint a scenery of the remote and primitive Nordic landscape that is both silent and loud.