Saturday the 30th of September 2023 / kl 19:00 / entre 70 DKK
Folk Metal Night:
Grimner (SE)
Vailos (PL)
DJ Orc Satme (local)

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Swedish vikings and folk metallers GRIMNER incorporate folk instruments into their own melodic yet dynamic brand of metal. In 2022, Grimner released a new full length album “Urfader”. During the band’s 15 years of existence Grimner has established themselves in the folk metal scene: 4 album releases (plus 3 EPs), and performing major metal festivals around Europe. Their two latest albums “Vanadrottning” and “Urfader” have received outstanding reviews thanks to their thrilling and fresh sound. On stage Grimner gives a dynamic, intensive and jovial performance. No matter if you are a fan of folk metal or not – this is something you should check out!

With "Urfader", Grimner returns with fire and power. This time, they have added the metal to folk metal. Their roots and influences of Swedish death metal and their love of heavy and power metal is weaved together with enchanting folk melodies and pagan choirs to once again create their own unique sound – all sung in their native Swedish, as always.
The crisp and fresh new sound of this album really makes you hear what Grimner is all about. Thrashing guitar riffs, the mix of powerful clean and harsh vocals, pounding drums, all mixed with beautiful and distinct flutes and other folk instruments make for an atmosphere that fits the tales of the old Norse gods and folklore alike.


VAILOS is a breath of fresh air in Polish folk metal. In their music they try to combine the whole Celtic world, enchanted in catchy melodies, heavy riffs and poignant lyrics telling ancient stories. The band was founded at the end of 2021 on the initiative of Monika Gałązka and her fascination with folk (especially Celtic music) and metal.

DJ Orc Satme will open the show!!