Thursday the 28th of September 2023 / kl 19:00 / GRATIS entre
Brolandingerne: Wojtek (ITA)

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Sludgecore - Padova, Italy
iG @wojtek3522
Wojtek are dazing the outskirts of Padua since spring 2019. It's a mixture of sludge, post-hc and noise. Three releases in 18 months: “s / t” (self-production - August 2019); “Hymn For The Leftovers” (Shove, Teschio Dischi, Violence In The Veins - April 2020) and “Does This Dream Slow Down Until It Stops? (Shove, Teschio Dischi, Violence In The Veins, Fresh Outbreak, Ripcord - 2021) all warmly welcomed by the press. Also in 2021 "Silence is a dangerous Sound" , a compilation (v / a) dedicated to Fugazi, was released for Ripcord Records, in which the brutal cover of "Fell, Destroyed" was published. Parallel to the releases on record, pandemic permitting, live activity is growing, in Italy and abroad (never enough). This brings Wojtek into ever-changing situations, from live clubs passing through garages and tattoo studios, to squats and festivals, sharing stages with more or less consolidated Italian big names such as Messa, Hate and Merda, Storm [o], Danny Trejo ... and international bands such as Eyehategod, Wiegedood, Implore… 2022 is without any doubt a more "physical" year, where live activity takes over writing (also to support the inclusion of new muscles behind the drumset). The sound wall is stratified, the vertical drumming and the cascades of electricity are triggering new ideas and unexpected harmonic lines so that everything conveys into ever more incendiary performances. Just cavai is the lifestyle, the diy is the philosophy. Don't force us to turn the amps down if you want to have fun.