Friday the 6th of October 2023 / kl 19:00 / GRATIS entre
Ignacio Cordoba (København)
Guldmand von Guldmadanker (local)

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Show start at 19:00
THIS SHOW IS DONATION BASED. Feel free to support musicians and artist, without the restrictions of a pricetag!


A small person from a small village in the mountains of Madrid (Spain) who lost touch with reality by touring the world with The Box and The Quadriga, two electronic self-made gods that render him electionless to the omnipotence of their oscillations. They turned him into a shaman mistaken for a scientist, an engineer of his own confusion, an apprentice devoted to the craft of being lost.
The Box is a Totem. It is a repurposed industrial machine that plays with time like memory does: stretching, slowing and speeding sound, making it appear and disappear a bit different every time. Distant and hypnotic like a black hole, he uses it to get us to underwater sounds, bubbly atmospheres and melancholic mermaid calls.
The Quadriga is a body Mask. It was born by joining powers with Yuri Landman, the dutch instrument builder and inventor responsible for the craziest instruments of Sonic Youth, Liars, Half Japanese and many other artists. Yuri brought Ignacio’s dream to the life of a quadraphonic electric sound of four sliding metal rods that defy the physics of any bell, bow or heart-beat.
Ignacio uses both these devices and more as triggers that drown him in a body-trance state that shamans and witches have described and experienced for centuries.
In 2016 he founded MAGIA and has released music through it as well as through Repetidor (SP), Dokuro (IT) and Punctum (CZ). He has since played more than 200 shows over 6 European Tours through 17 countries and a Japanese Tour.
He has found himself making fanzines, exhibitions, videos, games, rituals, records and concerts with artists like Michael Pisaro, Pamelia Kurstin (Stickney), G.W. Sok (The ex), John Russell, Maggie Nicols, Søren Kjaergaard, Maria Laurette Friis, Kazehito Seki, Johanna Borchert, Fernando Junquera (Negro), Isasa, Ainara LeGardon and so many more.


Suprise electronic set, by local hero Guldmand. You will not know what to expect, but surely you will not be disappointed!